• This website (hereinafter sleeping tablets- will be referred to as “the Website”) it is not intended to take place of medical advice- it’s just for information purpose.
  • To purchase products from the website, should be at least 21years of age.
  • As the customer, you are responsible for complying and determining with import regulations relevant to your country. The website will not be held responsible for goods confiscated due to import restrictions in country.
  • Every customer should seek advice from professional practitioner from the website. The customer agrees to only use products brought from the website after prior medical advice.
  • All products purchased from the site are for personal use and should not be sold or otherwise supplied to third parties.
  • The information contained in the website is not intended to be used for self-diagnosing any medical condition. Medical conditions could only be diagnosed via Medical expert.
  • The Website is not responsible for any kind of delays in receiving goods which arise as a result of late delivery of goods from manufacturers or suppliers or result of any third-party delays, such as -unforeseen delays and public holidays.
  • The site doesn’t accept any liability caused due to miss use of the products or information provided by the site.
  • The site reserves the right to withdraw products on sale from the site without prior notice.
  • It’s not possible to cancel the order once payment has been done.
  • By using the site, you confirm that the product you are purchasing is for personal use and selected by you and on your own expense. You further confirm that you take the responsibility and liability arising from the use of the product bought from the website.
  • Reviews, recommendations, feedback, e-businesses etc on the website is only guidelines. We are in no case liable for content of website. The use of the site is sole responsibility of the individual.
  • We are in no case responsible for damages for the use of the website, including- turnover, loss of profits, business opportunities, corruption of data, security breach resulting from failure of third party telecommunication.
  • We may terminate your rights to access and use of the services offered on the website at anytime for any reason without liability. If we do so, or you plan to delete your profile, any rights granted to you, will immediately cease off.
  • When placing a order via the website, you will be receiving a written confirmation of the order from us. This confirmation, will be subject to acceptance of the order by the applicable association.
  • Each clause of these Terms & Conditions operates separately. IF any relevant authorities or court decides any sub-clause or clause is enforceable or unlawful, the rest clauses will remain in full force.
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