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Nitrazepam 5mg Tablet should not be used during pregnancy because there is ample evidence that it can cause some adverse effects to the unborn child. However, in certain life-threatening circumstances where the benefits outweigh the risks, the doctor can prescribe the medications.


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Buy Nitrazepam online (Mogadon) 5mg tablets without prescription 5mg is a very potent benzodiazepine
used for the treatment of insomnia.

The medicine shortens the time needed to fall asleep and
lengthens the duration of sleep.

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Nitrazepam works as a sleep-inducing medicine by stimulating the effects

of inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which is involved in inducing sleep,

muscle relaxation, and the control of feeling of anxiety. Nitrazepam makes it

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The recommended dose of nitrazepam for healthy adults is 5mg to 10mg for the treatment of insomnia. Elderly individuals and individuals suffering from any kind of liver or kidney disorder may require a reduced dosage.

Have an illness or disorder that affects your mental state
Have low blood levels of a protein called albumin
Are allergic to nitrazepam or to any of the ingredients present in the formulation
Have a liver disorder

Precautions Nitrazepam 5mg

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  • The common side effects don’t need any medical attention and will disappear as your body gets adjusted to the dosage. But if you are facing any kind of serious or rare side effects then immediately seek medical attention.
  • Talk to your doctor if you are having any medical history such as kidney disease, liver disease, muscle problems and allergies. Use caution while operating machinery or engaging in activities that require alertness, such as driving, since this drug can cause drowsiness or dizziness. When taking this drug, avoid drinking alcohol because the drowsiness or dizziness symptoms can get more worsen.

How to use Nitrazepam?

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions about the dosage and duration of this medication. Nitrazepam 10mg Tablet can be taken with or without food, but it’s best if you take it at the same time every day. Since this medication can be habit-forming, do not raise the dosage, or use for a longer period of time than recommended. Even, if you’ve been taking this medication for a long time, don’t stop taking it without your doctor’s permission.

Missed Dose:

  • Take Nitrazepam 10mg Tablet as soon as possible if you miss a dose. However, if your next dose is approaching, skip the skipped dose and return to your daily schedule. Do not take two doses.


  • An overdose of nitrazepam can cause a variety of symptoms, including difficulty breathing, dizziness, diminished cognition and balance, bluish nails and lips, slurred voice, and severe somnolence. In the case of a serious overdose, these symptoms can lead to some serious diseases.

Warnings for serious Health Conditions:

  • Kidney Disease:
  • In patients with kidney disease, Nitrazepam 10mg Tablet should be used with caution. The medication should be changed depending on the severity of the conditions.
  • Liver Disease:
  • In patients with liver disease, Nitrazepam 10mg Tablet should be used with caution. The medication should be changed depending on the severity of the conditions. Patients with serious liver disease should not take Nitrazepam 10mg Pill.
  • Pregnant:
  • Breastfeeding:
  • Direct contact with heat, air and light may damage your medicines. Exposure to medicine may cause some harmful effects. The medicine must be kept in a safe place and out of children’s reach. Mainly the drug should be kept at room temperature between 68ºF and 77ºF (20ºC and 25ºC).
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